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Had enough of Democrat rule yet? They are hurting working families. Their reckless tax and spending is making it unaffordable to live in Colorado. Do you like the: 

  • lawlessness and high crime

  • high inflation

  • looming recession

  • failing our children

Vote Republican for common sense solutions to the mess the democrat majority has gotten us into.

Republicans favor:

  • supporting police and the military,

  • securing the border,

  • developing USA oil reserves,

  • lowering gas prices,

  • economic growth with less regulation,

  • job creation,

  • better education,

  • support small business,

  • lower taxes.

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Click the link below to see the article which explains the damage that the Democratic Party majority have harmed Colorado families: 

52 Times Jared Polis and the Democrats Hurt Working Families​

Your vote is important. If you haven't registered to vote yet go to Denvervotes.org​

I promise to work my hardest to improve the lives of Colorado citizens.  Because I have lived Denver most of my life, I care deeply about our beautiful state and the wonderful people who live here. 

The horrifying results caused by the incompetency of the Democratic majority are obvious to all.  I intend introduce bills and vote to reverse some of the terrible laws the Democrats have put in place such as raising our property tax, harming small businesses, blocking school choice.

I have taken an active role in the Republican Party all my life. Right now serving as the Co-Chairman of House District 1. Other ways I have served our nation are

  • Air Force veteran,

  • College, High School and Middle school teacher,

  • Denver Water Board.

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